More than 95% of Supply Chain Planning for Demand, Production, Procurement, Distribution and Logistics for mid-sized companies are done in Excel spreadsheets. Spreadsheet based planning introduces in-consistency in planning, lack of visibility and planning in departmental silos thereby creating pockets of inefficiency.Moreover existing planning solutions are extremely costly, tough to implement and complex to use. Many existing solutions are point solutions and operate on only one part of the supply chain.

SCMworx has partnered with Saddle Point Technologies to implement their cloud based supply chain planning solutions.

Saddle Point’s integrated cloud based end to end planning and optimization suite addresses all the above pain points. Spreadsheet like feature on the web, coupled with feature rich algorithms for planning, seamless integration of analytics, mobile and cloud platform and a 'pay as you use' offering makes Saddle Point’s solution an attractive proposition.


Why business needs an integrated supply chain planning solution

  • A good plan paves the way for good execution. With supply chains becoming complex, it is not possible to manually consider all aspects of the supply chain during planning.
  • Customers are demanding better service levels and lower product costs which required better coordination in planning. An integrated solution that can be used across the organization is one of the first steps
  • Reducing supply chain cost adds directly to the profitability of the company
  • Instead of a plethora of diverse solutions, that increase IT costs, it is better to adopt a single stack for end-to-end planning