Combining the ease of spreadsheet based planning with advanced planning solutions

Excel is the preferred tool for most of the supply chain planners. This is because of the flexibility and ease of use that excel offers and planning being a very dynamic area, most of the planners don’t want to get confined to the limitations of the tool. Moreover simple activities like data manipulation and data override becomes so cumbersome that planners prefer excel to standard planning tools. The flip side of using excel is that every planner ends up with his version of the plan and considerable time and effort is required to drive consensus and get to the single number. SCMworx has partnered with Saddle Point Technologies, a provider of cloud based integrated supply chain planning suite to combine the flexibility and ease of use of Excel with a web based single view-single plan solution. Saddle Point’s web based spreadsheet combined with advance industry standard optimizers and algorithms gives the user the best of both the worlds. Some of the main features of the web based spreadsheet are

  • Availability of excel like formulas makes data manipulation and data entry simple.
  • Features like copying data by dragging and dropping cells.
  • Conditional formatting improves data visibility.
  • Content locking helps in securing data.
  • Sorting, using data filters, insert/delete rows etc. makes the web spreadsheet extremely flexible for data overrides and scenario planning.

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