SCMworx specializes in high end supply chain consulting.An efficient supply chain adds directly to the bottom line and can give a strategic edge to the company.Our partners have strong domain expertise honed over years of hands-on experience in the industry. We bring practical and implementable solutions to the table and also take care of the end-to-end implementation of the solutions thereby ensuring that the operational efficiency envisioned are also realized on the ground.


Supply Chain Assessment

In order to ensure that the operations are streamlined to a large extent and that the business is deriving the maximum value from its investment in supply chain operations, SCMworx uses its Supply Chain Assessment methodology to do a detailed but quick analysis of the main aspects of the supply chain to come up with the list of areas of improvement. Our supply chain assessment methodology offers an excellent way to qualify supply chain metrics, practices and technologies with the goal to identify operational gaps. It can be applied for

  • Operations strategy
  • Functional processes (network design, inventory management, transportation practices, procurement rules, etc.),
  • Performance measures

Our supply chain assessment approach goes beyond ‘this is where you are’ and seeks to define where you should focus your efforts and investments in order to deliver maximum benefits to your organisation.

Supply Chain Improvement

Supply chain assessment throws up the areas where improvements can be done through process changes or by implementing better solutions.

Supply chain improvement focuses on making the required changes on the ground so that savings and efficiency envisioned are realized. To achieve this, we work with the stakeholders to

  • Ensure that all stakeholders are aligned with the larger supply chain vision
  • Make the required process changes and get stakeholder buy-in
  • Iron out contentious issues through discussions and data driven approach
  • Work as a partner to realize the common vision of an efficient supply chain