Some of our prestigious projects


Plant capacity optimization for a top food processing company in the US.

This project was delivered to an US based food processing company that was setting up a greenfield food processing plant. The entire machine layout was modeled and features like combination of batch and discrete processes, setup time, setup matrix, min/max batch sizes, minimum waiting time, perishability etc. were modeled. Options for multiple scenario planning and evaluation were also provided.

Large scale vehicle routing and scheduling solutions for companies in Australia and India

The VRS solution is a large scale vehicle routing and scheduling solution that was implemented for companies in Australia and India. Features like multiple depot network, vehicle capacity (both volume and weight), pick up and drop time windows, working hours, various costs like fixed, variable, loading/unloading costs etc. were incorporated. The solution was offered as a cloud solution for one of the customers and as an API that integrated with the order management system of the customer.



Loading and dock scheduling for a warehousing company in the US.

An FMCG company was scheduling its dispatch trucks on its loading bays manually. This resulted in huge losses in productivity in terms of waiting time for trucks, low capacity utilization of bays, and delayed shipments. The loading and dock scheduler looked at all the constraints like loading bay capacities, truck availability, availability of handling resources together and generated a feasible and optimal loading sequence.

Sales & distribution planning & implementation for an Indian dairy company.

The assignment was to streamline the distribution model of a North India based Dairy Company and to RCA its declining service levels to milk booths and rising distribution costs as a % of sales. The team redesigned the Milk Distribution Process and implemented a Route Planning solution for optimal vehicle utilization. Drastic improvements in distribution related KPIs like Order Fulfilment (OTIF), Freshness and Working Capital cycle with high demand visibility and better warehouse space utilization were observed.



Production planning for a large US Pharma packer and distributor.

This US Fortune 15 company is in the business of Pharmaceuticals Repackaging & Distribution and had issues with the scheduling of packaging machines. Production Scheduling was done using Microsoft Access scheduling software which was time consuming & laborious. Our team help re-configure SAP PP for scheduling of Production Orders by considering the production capacity. Capacity levelling was done using planning board functionality.

Spend monitoring & forecasting solution for an international FMCG major.

This long term assignment was done for a global leader in the FMCG market. Due to various taxation issues, procurement process specific to each countries and nature of procurement contract, business users faced challenges in aligning spend on basis of common evaluation criteria which resulted in discrepancies in spend reporting between the countries and region, leading to challenges in planning and forecasting of spend.

Our team helped standardize the processes across plants and vendors for reporting spend figures, reversals due to quality issue and prevent double counting of spend in case of commodity trading between various entities. Our team implemented a custom solution for monitoring the spend, capturing spend incurred at 3rd party vendor locations and accounting for delivery related cost in case of imported items.



Planning as a service for transport optimization for an Bio-fuel manufacturer in India.

This service is provided to an upcoming Bio-Fuel manufacturer in Maharashtra, which also is in the trading business for Bio-Fuel. Based on contract positions with customers and vendors, detailed daily vehicle planning is outsourced by this customer to our 4 member team. This team is based out of our contact centre in Hyderabad and works in single shift. The customer is able to optimize the distributions costs due to usage of our Vehicle Routing Schedule (VRS) and in a sustainable way.

Inventory optimization and demand planning at a large packaged food manufacturer’s Asian subsidiary.

The customer was a large supplier of fresh and packaged food, with markets spanning US, Europe and Asia Pacific. The primary objective of the project was of reducing inventory, distribution costs and increasing velocity across the Supply Chain, as well as improving customer service levels.
Our team achieved this by empowering the Central Logistics Department, that co-ordinates demand and supply, with tools which give better visibility of demand, inventory and cost across the Supply Chain. The production units were able to synergies their efforts to meet the aggressive demands of the Logistics department using optimal scheduling tools



Annual procurement planning for an International steel manufacturer.

Our team defined a complete annual procurement planning process, calendared and controlled under a single program across all manufacturing sites and developed a web based application for consensus planning to plan and view at different product and location hierarchies. The procurement plan was also constrained by production capacity.

Manufacturing and distribution planning for a large Indian FMCG company.

This assignment was done for the largest Indian FMCG company which had more than 100 brands in product groups such as home and personal care, food, beverages and specialty chemicals, 61,000 Bills of Materials spread across product categories and 130 factories.

Our team implemented SAP APO with integration with SAP ECC. This project resulted in improved visibility and optimized operations resulting in lower supply chain costs; there was prompt problem resolution in business functions like manufacturing, procurement and distribution.



Supply network optimization for a large international paints manufacturer in the US.

The customer was a large international paints manufacturer. The objective of the project was to improve forecast accuracy and to reduce distribution planning costs.
Our team implemented a forecasting tool that enabled the organization to reduce forecast errors and obsolete inventory. The team also implemented a network optimizer that reduced freight costs while maintaining a high customer service level. It also improved the planning cycle time.

Supply chain process improvement for a large Indian cement manufacturer.

In this assignment spanning 4 weeks, our team defined the supply chain planning and execution processes for an upcoming SAP implementation at a Cement Company in East India. Also, major KPIs for On-Time-In-Full, Inventory Turnover, Inventory Coverage, Truck Turnaround Time, Credit Ageing were defined at 3 levels and data sources and report layouts were defined.



Production Scheduling for an OTR Tire Manufacturer in India.

SCMworx has built a Production Scheduling solution for an Indian Off-The-Road Tire manufacturer. It helps in efficiently lining up the machine wise schedule to meet a highly variable Tire Portfolio of over 2200 SKUs that are built in four plants.
Complicated machine operations for Tire Building and Tire Curing like dependencies on secondary tools like Drums, Moulds, Rings, were considered; complex rules for multi cavity presses were built in; and several customer priorities were incorporated to derive an optimum machine level production schedule.
A feasible schedule is now produced within 3 hours as compared to 2 working days before.

Production Scheduling for an Indian Drug Manufacturer.

Southern India based generic drugs manufacturer benefits from the Production Scheduling solution from SCMworx, that incorporates complex scenarios in making of Formulated Drugs due to high SKU numbers (pack styles) and high variability due to alternate machines that do granulation, blending and tablet compaction.
SCMworx solution creates a feasible schedule as it considers availability of different manufacturing and packing machines and also material (API, excipients, colour, packing) availability, simultaneously.
The solution provides realistic schedule as it considers different cleaning and quarantines activities, which are the core of Drug Manufacturing process.