Very few companies have sufficient internal supply chain planning experts to manage all aspects of their supply chain. Many do not have mature recruiting, training processes and career paths required to nurture and retain superior talent to effectively manage the supply chain.

Our Planning-as-a-Service is designed to deliver a low-cost, low maintenance solution to clients who are not quite ready to take on the complexity and resources to manage a supply chain planning organization themselves.

You send us your data, and we provide everything else including access to sophisticated planning tools. Your data will be managed by an experienced supply chain planning consultant to deliver actionable results for your organizations.


How Planning-as-a-Service works?

  • SCMworx receives the data from business or directly extracts from the data sources through secured connections
  • Our planning expert cleans, corrects and loads the data into sophisticated planning algorithms, extracts the planning report, sends it to the business and explains the results
  • SCMworx acts as an extended partner of the business to take care of complex planning requirements
  • Proper care is taken to maintain data security and confidentiality

Advantages of Supply Chain Planning-as-a-Service

  • No software to buy, maintain or upgrade
  • No extensive implementation project to worry about
  • No technical concerns (we take care of the tools, hardware, and infrastructure)
  • No extra personnel to train or worry about leaving once you train them
  • Immediate opportunity to reduce planning costs without the long term commitment to software and resources