Auto Ancillary

The success of auto and ancillaries industry is determined by answering some tough questions like, how efficient is the supply chain?

Or, what is the degree of collaboration between different tiers? Or, is there any operational or informational silo?
Regional systems and supplier tiers play a huge role in automotive supply chain, so what is the nature of information flow between regional systems? A digital supply chain is the answer of all these questions and can bring in the desired level of efficiency and collaboration, thus driving profitability. Gain better control over manufacturing / assembly via Adaptive Planning, where IIoT platform and machine learning capability enable the system to sense changes in production environment and re-align accordingly to achieve optimal production.


Maximize productivity

Factor in capacity constraints, material availability, and demand commitment

Reduce working capital

Optimize inventory, minimize make span, and maximize availability of production lines


hecks prior orders, priorities, blocked stocks, production capabilities, and lead times

Sub-contractor Visibility

Take full control of your production schedules by having full visibility of delivery across sub-contractors