Field Service Optimizer

Field service industry is at an inflection point. Mobile technologies with real time tracking and coupled with customer’s access to social review platforms are transforming the way customers are served.

In most of the companies, planning for field services are still done in spreadsheets. With spiraling fuel prices and manpower costs, there is a growing need to minimize the cost to serve and maximize the number of tickets served. Most of the solutions in the market are good for real time ticket scheduling only. Although these solutions schedule tickets on the go, they fail to consider all the existing tickets in the system holistically and optimize the route and thereby missing the opportunity to add 20% – 40% to the bottom-line. SCMworx OptiServe addresses this gap and harnesses the power of both Optimization and Real Time Scheduling. It’s advanced Optimization algorithms finds the cost optimal routes and keeps adjusting it real time based on newer tickets and real time updates from the field service staff. OptiServe is designed for speed and versatility. It keeps the plan up-to-date and relevant with real time integration with field service app and the back-end ERP system.

High Level Features :

  • Maximize the number of tickets served
  • Multi-objective criteria for minimizing distance (fuel cost), time (manpower cost) or a combination of both
  • Service tasks with different skill-set and priorities and Technicians with multiple skill-sets and skill-set levels
  • Travel time based on real time traffic information and Geo fencing for Technician

Features at a glance

  • Maximizes the number of tickets served and maximizes resource utilization.
  • Integrates real-time with the back end ERP system, Technicians mobile App and Google APIs for real time traffic information.
  • Adaptive schedule based on field conditions.
  • Adheres to all constraints. So no manual changes to the schedule are required.
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Brenda McIntyre
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