Shop Floor Collaboration

Shop Floor Planning is complex because of operational variability like machine breakdown, raw material quality issues, non availability of operators etc. Planners therefore require a solution that can create this visibility and make the plan adapt to these changes.

Integrated Planning and Collaboration: This module works seamlessly with our Production Planning and Scheduling module to create visibility at an operation level in the shop floor. Real time feedback is then taken into the scheduler to adapt the plan to operational realities.

Operational level visibility for the Production HeadOur Cloud solution enables easy access to data without resorting to outdated reports and phone calls. All information are at the fingertips to enable quick decision making and issue resolution.

IIoT Platform for real time feedback: Our IIoT platform acts as the conduit for getting real-time data from the shop floor into our planning suite thereby creating a seamless solution that minimizes the ‘Planned’ vs ‘Actuals” gap.

PLC, SCADA Integration: Our design architecture supports quick integration with the existing PLC or SCADA systems of the shop floor thereby reducing dependencies on manual data entry and improving the accuracy of data capturing process.

Features at a glance

  • Integrated Production Planning, Production Scheduling and Shop Floor Collaboration Modules to enable Adaptive Planning
  • Integrated with our IIoT platform to get real time feedback from the shop floor
  • Easily integrated with existing PLC, SCADA systems
  • Creates visibility of entire Shop Floor operations on one platform
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