Supply chain characteristics of Retail industry are different from any other industry given the type of products, volumes, and the nature of goods movement.

Also, customer expectation and different causal factors affect the industry like none other.
As the products are always on move the cycle time is very low which requires a complete visibility of the stocks, distribution and return facilitation.
Add to that different channels to cater to different target segment and product movement between channels, the complexity multiplies.
To overcome these, you need to break down organizational silos, create better visibility and build efficient network.


Dispatch Optimization

Optimize distribution mechanism by analyzing demand patterns, supply variability, lead time, SLA

Inventory Optimization

Optimize inventory across the supply chain network, reduce cost, and improve customer service

Order Management

Minimize risk of opportunity loss by gaining real time visibility of inventory, shipment, and supply


Perform single-platform planning for all supply chain functions with faster decision-making