Warehouse Management System

SCMworx ‘Opti-Ware’ is an intelligent cloud-based Warehouse Management and Optimization Solution that caters to medium-sized and large business enterprises.

It goes beyond the traditional Warehouse Management System by deploying Optimization techniques to increase the efficiency of warehouse operations like improving the turnaround time, reducing product obsolescence, and cutting warehousing cost.

Put away and Picking Route Optimization: Our WMS module minimizes TAT and Operating costs by optimally routing put away and picking process. It helps save up to 20% in labor costs while ensuring no errors in wrong placements. The integrated hand held device guides the person through the right route for each put away or pick list.

Multi Device Bar Code Scanning: The WMS module offers flexibility of using different types of devices for bar-code scanning. Mobile-based bar code scanning is supported which is more cost effective as smart phones are quite cheap nowadays. Customers preferring traditional instruments such as handheld (wired / wireless) bar code scanners can opt for them as well.

On Cloud Single View: Get a consolidated view of all your warehouses in one screen. Being on cloud gives warehouse managers easy access to connect and post from anywhere thus ensuring real-time updates. A centralized team can view these on a single screen.

Alerts and Notifications: Opti-ware is a proactive solution capable of alerting the warehouse manager of various upcoming situations such as shelf-life expiry of certain stocks, overstayed goods, space exhaustion, etc to take necessary preemptive steps well in time.

Value Added Services: Various on demand services like Slotting Optimization, Bay Levelling, Reorder Point Determination, Warehouse Space Forecasting can enhance the overall performance of your warehouse operations.

Features at a glance

  • Supports multi-warehouse network with complete visibility across all warehouses
  • Advanced optimization algorithms for put-away and picking routing to minimize TAT
  • Integrated with handheld barcode scanning devices, smart phone based apps, barcode generators and printers
  • Configurable Alerts, Notifications, and Workflows to keep operations streamlined
  • 3D visualization of warehouse with heat map for expiring goods
  • Value added services on demand like Reorder Point Determination, Slotting Optimization, Bay Levelling, Warehouse Space Forecasting
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