Perishable and seasonal demand, high logistics costs, low product differentiation and thin margins are what characterizes the Cement Industry.

Cement manufacturing is mostly done close to raw material sources which are typically limited by geography. This means a wide supply chain network is required to ensure that all demand are catered to. An extended supply chain with high logistics costs and seasonal and perishable demand creates a need to ensure that products are made available at demand points at the lowest cost. Our Global Optimized Order Fulfillment (GOOF) solution combined with our Opti-Port (TMS ) solution gives you the edge that your supply chain needs.
During an order entry process, GOOF is designed to look at all material constraints, Truck/Rake availability constraints, lead time constraints, packaging capacity constraints and all fulfillment related costs to determine the optimal source for fulfilling that order.
It also provides the optimized demand signal to the packaging plant so that the supply is aligned to the demand. GOOF seamlessly integrates with the CRM, ERP and TMS solutions of the organization to create an automated and optimized source allocation process.


Maximize productivity

Improve production capability utilization under constraints like capacity, material availability, demand commitment

Optimize inventory

Optimize inventory levels at different nodes across the supply chain through real time ‘Demand Sensing’

Order Execution Management

Have complete visibility into planned vs current demand, overall and local inventory status, promised and available capacity

Intelligent decisions

Make analytics-based, data-driven, intelligent decisions from a single integrated platform on production and distribution