Vehicle Route Planner

Delivery time windows, unpredictable traffic, vehicle capacity variations, driver work hours, and various costs like taxes, toll fees, driver charges, waiting charges, loading and unloading charges, all add complexities to transportation.

These complexities cannot be managed optimally with manual excel sheets or traditional Scm applications. SCMworx Vehicle Route Scheduler with meta-heuristics algorithms can handle them with ease to minimize costs while meeting Service Level Agreements.

Smartphone-based integration: Track your product delivery to the last mile with the module’s Smartphone based tracking. You can verify actual travel distance based on travel routes for optimum fuel expenses of delivery vehicles. The module is fully integrated with Android, Google Maps, and standard APIs for real time monitoring.

Adaptive Planning: Coupled with vehicle tracking based on GPS, Smartphone, or IIoT, the module can sense any unforeseen abrupt changes in on-ground situations such customer non-availability, traffic disruptions, breakdown, or urgent delivery, and then re-route with agility. This keeps the route plans always executable and viable.

Dedicated solution for each industrial sector: The module devises route scheduling based on your products and related industry. Be it distribution or services industry, we have a solution that works. And works diligently at that.

Features at a glance

  • Schedules for multiple supply and demand destinations
  • Available for both pickup and delivery of orders
  • Various vehicle types with weight and volumetric capacities
  • Accounts for any waiting charges, loading-unloading costs, time windows, working days, shifts
  • Order fulfillment within late delivery window
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