Transportation Management System

Give your business users end-to-end visibility and control over the entire logistics operations with our ‘Opti-Port’ TMS.

It is an integrated transport management system with multiple functionalities such as dispatch planning with truck builder, real time multi-modal vehicle tracking with control tower, bid management, e-pod with claim processing, and automated invoicing. Algorithms based on OR techniques help in optimizing operations to minimize costs and improve SLAs.

Dispatch Planning: The TMS optimizes the dispatches considering various parameters such as forecast, demand profile, SLA, storage and transportation costs, production plan, inventory levels, in-transit stocks, BoH, lead times, and vehicle capacities to minimize the total distribution cost across the network.

E-Bidding: Digitizes the entire vehicle RFQ, bidding and supplier selection process. Registered vehicle suppliers are informed about the requirements via email or SMS and bids are invited digitally. Based on various parameters like order splitting “are allowed” or “not allowed”, vehicle suppliers are automatically selected in such a way that the total transportation costs are minimized.

Real Time Tracking and Monitoring of Vehicles: Use the Logistics Control Tower to monitor logistics over multiple modes and using a range of tracking options. GPS device or Smart Phone based APP is the most preferred and accurate option, but don’t sweat if the logistics providers do not have them. Just the mobile number of the driver can do the trick with our intelligent and versatile tracking system in Opti-Port!

Features at a glance

  • Optimize Dispatch Planning with Truck Load Builder functionality using advanced OR based algorithms
  • Considers various parameters like forecast, demand profile, SLAs, transportation & storage costs, production, inventory, in-transit stocks, lead times, vehicle capacities
  • Logistics control tower for realtime tracking & monitoring of vehicles over multiple modes
  • Automate selection of the best transportation bids considering bid prices, supplier performance, ratings
  • Digitize delivery documents, damage capture, claims processing, customer feedback, invoicing
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