Electricals and Lighting

The Electricals and Lighting segment is currently seeing a revolution in terms of technology, innovations, and new product development.

This is fuelling rapid customer behaviour change and changing product usage lifecycle.
These are making the supply chain of utilities companies more risky & volatile, and supply chain professionals are facing a great level of difficulty to manage their functions like never before. To overcome these challenges, organizations need an end-to-end integrated business planning environment that harnesses the power of advanced statistical techniques, configurable and comprehensive workflows, easy integration capability, with different disparate systems to create a seamless planning experience.


Collaborative Planning

Achieve accurate forecasts and consensus-based demand planning driven by advanced statistical

Scenario based planning

Swiftly evaluate several what-if scenarios of demand-supply imbalance, adapt to changing markets

Efficient Procurement

Manage supplies efficiently despite varying lead times, contracts, suppliers, and demand patterns

Powerful Insights

Use our analytics capability to gain actionable intelligence on operational and strategic levels