Procurement Management System

Reduce procurement cost with better price discovery, improve RM/PM availability with better visibility of material movement and digitize the entire procurement process with Opti-Buy.

Opti-Buy is an integrated procurement management system with multiple functionalities such as optimized procurement planning, automated bidding process with multiple qualification and selection criteria, visibility of RM movement and automated invoice processing.

Procurement Planning: Opti-buy is integrated with the Procurement Optimizer that generates an optimal procurement plan based on the demand signal, demand profile, BOM explosion, procurement, storage and transportation costs, inventory levels, in-transit stocks, lead times, minimum allocation, MoQ and Lot size constraints.

E-Bidding: Digitizes the entire price discovery process by enabling auction, reverse auction, automated supplier selection and automated approval workflows

Real Time Tracking of Goods: Use the Logistics Control Tower to monitor logistics over multiple modes and using a range of tracking options. GPS device or Smart Phone based APP is the most preferred and accurate option, but don’t sweat if the logistics providers do not have them. Just the m

Auto Invoice Generation and Reconciliation: Digitizes the supplier invoicing process and automates the reconciliation process to improve productivity and minimize errors.

Features at a glance

  • Helps in better price discovery across suppliers
  • Automates the entire procurement process thereby improving productivity
  • In-built workflows for automated approval process
  • Digitization of Supplier invoice reconciliation process
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