Sub-Contractor Collaboration

In a multi-tiered sub-contracting scenario, the end customer is left stranded if any one of the sub-contracting parties fail to deliver. OEMs can mitigate this risk by having complete visibility of the end to end schedule and proactive impact assessment of failures in the extended network

Multi tiered Schedule: When companies are focusing on core competencies, its natural to have extended supply chain partners. This however creates its own issues and risks because of the domino effect.  Our collaborative tool is designed to accommodate a multi tiered schedule and extend to any number of outsourced partners.

Proactive Impact Assessment: Last minute surprises in subcon schedule adherence can derail the entire schedule of the OEM and result in huge losses in terms of deteriorated fill rates, non delivery penalty, costly fire fighting  measures and low morale. Instead of operating in the dark, manage the potential issues proactively with the Subcon collaboration solution and get real-time alerts and notifications of all potential risks so that remedial actions can be taken.

On cloud collaboration: Most of the extended partners will be in diverse ERP and planning platforms. It is therefore not easy to bring everyone together seamlessly onto one platform. Our cloud architecture supports this connectivity easily and all partners can be brought to one platform without resorting to complex options like VPN or WAN connections.

Features at a glance

  • Collaborative planning
  • Proactive Alerts to avoid last minute firefighting
  • Better fulfillment KPIs
Ad Astra’s team consulting proved to be the tune up we needed to improve our campaign results, and it really shows on our turnover.
Brenda McIntyre
Majestic Vista LLC