Inventory Optimizer

Most businesses have large variability on the demand side or supply side or both. Managing the optimal safety stocks in such a scenario is a challenge, with businesses ending up with either large inventories or lost orders.

Our Inventory Optimizer can map these variability stochastically for every SKU Location combination using algorithms, leading to optimized inventory levels. Never carry unnecessary inventory.

Multi-parameter optimization: The Inventory Planner modules takes into account all parameters like demand variability, supply lead time variability, service level agreements, and transportation lead times to optimize inventory.

Multi nodal and Multi echelon: The safety stock requirement is estimated for all nodal points across the network statistically. And also for all material types such as FG, SFG and RM.

Forecasting errors: If you are worried about errors in forecasting impacting your inventory, we have you covered. The module comes with automated calculations to counter any such forecasting errors.

Features at a glance

  • SKU and location-specific optimal inventory levels
  • Inventory planning for both multi-nodal and multi-echelon network
  • Usage of Heuristics- and Simulation-based algorithms
  • Considers demand and supply variability, SLA, Lead times
  • Integrated with Demand Planning and downstream Planning modules
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Brenda McIntyre
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