Supply Network Optimizer

Supply Network Optimizer is one of the most powerful solutions to drive efficiency in the supply chain. It is an integrated run that transcends all five major supply chain processes like Sales, Distribution, Storage, Production and Procurement.

Supply Network Optimizer, minimizes Supply Chain costs by optimizing various functions like procurement (optimal procurement quantity from each supplier), production (optimal product mix and production quantity), inventory (optimal inventory levels) and transportation (optimal route, transportation quantity and vehicle selection) across the network.

Finite Capacity Planning: Supply Network Optimizer does a finite capacity planning by considering supplier capacities, production capacities, transportation and storage capacities and handling capacities.

Material Feasible Planning: The output plans of SNO are the procurement plan, production plan, distribution plan and storage plan. All these plans are material and time feasible.

Cost Optimization: SNO considers all all cost elements like procurement cost, production cost (fixed and variable), transportation cost (fixed and variable), inventory carrying cost, obsolescence cost, late delivery costs etc. to optimize the end to end supply plan.

Features at a glance

  • Optimizes the end to end functions of the Supply Chain with a global optimization engine for a multi echelon and multi node network.
  • Incorporates cost elements like production cost, transportation cost, taxes, inventory cost, stock-out cost, spoilage cost and late delivery cost into the plan
  • Models different types of resources like production resources (both batch and discrete), transportation resources, handling resources and storage resources.
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