Be it market place or inventory based models, the e-commerce industry has to manage a very tight supply chain.

It needs to deliver on time every time. And buyers are getting only more demanding, putting pressure on the entire supply chain for e-commerce players. If businesses are to remain competitive in this industry, accurate demand forecasting and low storage and transportation costs are the two non-negotiable imperatives. SCMworx E-commerce industry solution helps you stay ahead of the pack, with its array of advanced supply chain solutions built on super efficient OR algorithms and Machine Learning capabilities.


Design efficient network

Significantly improve your end-to-end supply chain network design and operations

Optimize S&T costs

Optimized inventory planning, warehouse management, delivery route planning, shipment tracking


Achieve planning & faster decision making on a single platform for all supply chain functions

Maximize customer service

Realize demand sensing over social media, product expiry control, integrated order management