Improving Inbound & Outbound Logistics at Warehouse using Dock Scheduling

February 21, 2022by scmw0

Most of the warehouses face issues in managing inbound and outbound logistics at their warehouses resulting in huge delays in operations. Problems like allocation of docks to inbound and outbound trucks, capacity constraints of docks, and material handling equipment, loading and unloading of trucks, scheduling trucks based on the demand and dock availability, material availability are making the planning process very complex and difficult to manage manually. Dock scheduling solution addresses all the above problems using constraint programming techniques. This solution adheres to all the constraints and provides a feasible dock schedule, loading and unloading schedule of trucks, and truck dispatch schedule by optimally using the dock space and material handling equipment. ROI will be through effective utilization of dock space, material handling resource capacities, reduction in delays, on time deliveries resulting in overall improvement in warehouse operational efficiency.

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