Rapid Response for COVID 19

February 21, 2022by scmw0

With COVID-19 cases increasing exponentially even after 3 weeks of complete lockdown, prolonged lockdown is expected. In a country like India, where a majority of population depend on daily wages for survival, a complete shutdown for a prolonged period is not sustainable. Limited testing with densely populated areas will surface sporadic cases over a longer period of time forcing localized lockdowns. With a low probability of COVID-19 vaccine in the near future, a localized lockdown over a prolonged period looks like the most probable case.


SCMworx, a leading cloud based planning and optimization solution provider in India has put together a rapid response solution for COVID 19 situation. The solution addresses the following three questions

  1. Based on my lockdown calendar, how can I align my demand and supply on a daily basis in a multi factory network?
  2. How do I prioritize my products over my demand locations and drive my production and distribution based on that?
  3. How to I use my manpower, available raw material and available vehicles in the best possible way to meet the maximum demand?

Rapid response solution can be deployed fast and adopted faster. Please reach out to us to know more.

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